Jazz Piano Lessons

Learn about jazz chords, voicings, movements, standards, accompanying, composing, improvising and much more! London | Skype | Online   Since 1994

I guarantee that this is not like anything you’ve tried before!

My lessons are designed for adults who usually have played the piano for a few years already. I can occasionally accommodate very dedicated beginners. The lessons are always lively, fun, hard work, and they are designed to get you thinking and following the practices of jazz musicians. You will never be taught to play by rote, and there is an emphasis on learning music as a language.

Just getting started?
I’ve always worked with all levels of players, including jazz beginners and am well aware of how confusions that arise people are, when they try to learn Jazz Piano. I’ve spent 22 years developing a system that works and that I’ve taught to thousands of people. I will show you the high priority chords, how to decorate them, common chord progressions,

Already playing jazz & want to improve?
I’d love to show you a world beyond what you’ll find in jazz books and what normally gets taught. There is so much more to life than just 4ths, rootless voicings and modes.

Every Student Matters

Whether you see me for 1 to 1 lessons, or you subscribe to Jazz Skills as a member to watch my recorded lessons, I teach from the heart and don't just teach information. We already have more information in the world than ever before! What's more important is to teach people how to turn information into jazz skills that belong to them and to guide them through the journey


Central London

1 to 1 lessons
Mon-Weds 2pm – 8pm

Every lesson individually tailored
Video clip reminders to take away
Monthly group webinar included


1 to 1 lessons
Mon-Wed 8am – 1pm
Thur-Fri 8am-8pm
UK Time

Every lesson individually tailored
Video clip reminders to take away
Monthly group webinar included



Membership Site
On Demand 24/7

Approx 400 Video Lessons, Smart Lessons, Games and other resources. ( growing all the time)
Monthly group webinar included



An opportunity to learn & play together
All levels welcome
Group workshop session
Optional to take part in playing seminar
Valuable playing tips given throughout the afternoon

img_1247bAbout Shan & His Teaching

Shan Verma is a professional Pianist and Jazz educator with 30 years real-life experience in performing and teaching to a high level.

Shan has a lineage and pedigree most others could only hope for and has studied under the tutelage of the worlds most renowned living jazz players, including Dr Barry Harris. Barry is world famous for having played with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and most of the other original creators of Jazz.

Recently, Shan celebrated 20 years as one of London’s leading jazz educators as well as ten years of online teaching. Aside from his work teaching London students, he was also the first person in the world to teach Jazz Piano on Skype. Ten years on and he still has Skype students worldwide who see him regularly for lessons.

Shan is also the founder of the renowned online Jazz training school www.JazzSkills.co.uk which combines over 330 tutorial videos, handouts, live webinars and other proprietary learning tools. Shan has developed groundbreaking online training methods and materials which enable students to progress in their jazz career faster and with better results than any other method. Shan specialises equally in teaching beginners and seasoned veterans, both of whom can extend their skills and knowledge base in the pursuance of becoming a better player.